Ada, Package: A

My summer [at] UBC was absolutely marvelous!! Both of [my] professors [were] so thoughtful! When I was struggling with [the] language barrier, [the professors were] willing to help me go over all the class lecture slides and explained [everything] after each class for an hour and encouraged me a lot … [The professors] helped and supported me strongly … I really appreciate [] their [support]!

[The people here] are really nice. Thanks for my friends who gave me the best memory in Vancouver. Thanks  for Vancouver Summer Program, now I realize what I’m obsessed with and want to contribute to in my whole life … apart from LGBTQ groups and [the gender spectrum], now I’m interested in migration studies as well. I [have decided] to become a scholar (and an activist) who [is passionate] … and is always ready to help her students, like [the] professors [from] my package!

Ada, July 2018, 3rd year, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, PACKAGE: A, July 2018