Aubrey, Package: D

Having the opportunity to study for a month at one of the finest universities in the world was one of the highlights of my undergraduate life. The Vancouver Summer Program taught me how to learn my lessons in a more creative and dynamic way. Learning political and economic policies have never been this fun! My favorite part of the program was the opportunity of getting to know people from different count[r]ies and cultures through various field trips and activities. These trips in and out of the city gave everyone a closer look at the daily lives of the people in Canada and a brand-new perspective as to how we live our lives differently from everyone around us. I came back home to the Philippines enlightened with so much more than things that deal with politics and economics. If you’re looking for a program that can satiate your yearning for a one-of-a-kind academic and cultural journey, the Vancouver Summer Program at the University of British Columbia is the right one for you!

Aubrey, Package: D, June 2017