Sanaa, Package: D

Being accepted for this programme was one of the most amazing things in my life. For the first time I decided that I will go all by myself to North America and experience their style of education and the cultural diversity.

I applied for the Arts programme in which we studied about The Dynamics of World Politics and International Economics. Being a law student I was super inclined for this. I was all mentally geared up to study and be the best in class but once I reached there I realised that I can study and have fun! Our schedule was made beautifully where we had ample time to enjoy the amazing place and learn all that we want … Being from different parts of the world we, [the students],  all learned so much about each other and … today I can easily say that “Oh yeah! I have a friend in Mexico” or China or Philippines or Japan. This programme was a huge platform for not only an amazing education that we received but also the perfect example of unity in diversity. [From] our programme coordinators to our peer mentors to our professors, each and every one made us feel so welcomed and made sure that we had a fun time in their amazing city! When I came back to India to my university, a lot of my juniors asked about this programme and all I could say was, “It is an experience that can only be lived and not explained.”

Thank you VSP 2017 for giving me this amazing opportunity to learn so much and make amazing friends for life! …  It is a great initiative to bring the young generation of this world a little closer! I loved each and every minute of June 2017 that I spent there. Given a chance to go back, I would happily do it!

Sanaa, Package: D, June 2017