Tongfong, Package: E

I [had] a very fantastic study life in UBC Vancouver …  UBC summer program is a sophisticated program. [] I feel comfortable [on] campus and seldom have trouble … using school facilities. Everything … was arranged very well includ[ing] transportation, residence, food and study. Our teacher[s were] professional and friendly, they help me solve[] my problems in [our studies] patiently. We [had a] field trip in class, which [allowed] me [to] have more understanding about the city and Canada…

[W]hen it comes to [d]aily life, I feel free in campus like I am a student in UBC…I love the food in village near the campus [a]lso we can find a [Save on Foods] in Wesbrook where we can have cheap daily necessity.

Tongfong Ye, City  University of Macau, Package E,  July 2018